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Giving full play to the advantages of professional Power steel mills authors efficiency
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 According to market research and a large roll enterprise thousands ton iron and steel enterprises at the height of inventory and online revolving roll total capital takes up more than 1.5 billion yuan, is the real consumption of more than 5 times. This in the current financial costs are high, severe liquidity under the stress of the situation, bring the negative effect is very outstanding, also fully shows that reduce roll consumption, not only need to roll manufacturing enterprises to improve the quality of product performance, more need to strengthen the roll management in the process of use.
  Iron and steel enterprises in roll application besides generally aware of the importance of roll is insufficient, also universal existence of problems in the following four aspects: one is the improper selection roll matching unreasonable; 2 it is lack of roll technology using the accumulation of experience and research; Three is the lack of a mechanism to choose the ratio of roll and roll suppliers; Four is a lot of roll stock cause capital takes up, eroded corporate profits. These problems in iron and steel enterprise production efficiency is reduced, the production cost increase, difficult to improve and ensure product quality, which in turn affects the product market competition.
  With the continuous development of market economy, the social division of labor is more and more thin, more professional, use roll roll steel rolling enterprises does not need to go to research, research and development of manufacturing technology and roll manufacturing enterprises have unique technical advantages. How to maximize the performance of all kinds of roll, iron and steel enterprise how to use a good roll, efficiently rolling out high quality steel, reduce inventory capital takes up? The duty of both roll manufacturing supplier, and give its technical expertise to provide value-added services space. Think creating customer value and the roll supplier, only for roll high inventory takes up, roll to choose no advanced science, matching is not reasonable, can't correct the science use, such problems as lack of advanced evaluation and procurement mechanism, provide a package of solutions, to meet the demand of steel mills reality and potential, promote authors gain the chance of survival and development efficiency.