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Adjust the upgrade Take the initiative to change
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Roll is an important tool of steel rolling production and consumption, China's steel industry structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of continuous progress, make steel rolling equipment reached the world advanced level, a large number of continuous, large-scale, motors, automated modern rolling mill were completed and put into operation, direct drive roller industry technology progress and product upgrade. At present, the domestic production of roll all can meet the requirement of all kinds of rolling mill, and some products are exported. Because for 10 years, China's steel production capacity of blowout growth, roll the demand and profit space, also direct stimulation of the various rapid accumulation of capital to the field of roll, the rapidly expanding domestic roll capacity to one million tons. And roll manufacturing and use of technology jointly improve, tons of steel roll consumption is from the turn of the century about 2 kg to the current 0.5 kg - 0.8 kg. In 2001, specializing in the production of 810 million tons of steel in our country, in terms of one ton of steel consumption of 0.8 kilograms of rolling roll, roll consumption is about more than 60, ten thousand tons, domestic and nearly 2/5 capacity cannot release.
  Domestic supply exceeds demand, products are exported to weak, especially since the fourth quarter of last year, steel prices down, the domestic and foreign steel mills are taking check measures, such as shutdown overhaul and kept the roll down the purchase price, strengthen digestive inventory, managment system, reduce the consumption such as technology innovation and the authors efficiency management, roll the market price low, since this year the order less difficult more and more prominent. The national greatly small 300 roll enterprises fight for limited orders, poured challenge caused by the low price competition, disordered market competition, and further deepened the roll industry woes.
  At present, the iron and steel enterprise is facing restructuring, transformation and upgrading. Service in steel rolling industry, relying on the extension of scale expansion development has come to an end, hope the price rise out of dilemma more not reality, must comply with the steel market situation change, by advancing from production type to create a service-oriented transformation, from total focus on manufacture to pay attention to quality, by providing product supply function to provide full service, meet the demand of users to provide characteristic, value-added services, in turn, excavate potential demand of the users change, can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in business model innovation, out of a two-way interaction with iron and steel enterprises, the road of the sustainable development of win-win cooperation.