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1. Design and manufacture high-precision cold-formed molds (including punching dies) according to customer requirements

2. Rolling production line of automobile anti-collision beams (bumpers), anti-collision bars, chassis high-strength plates (threshold parts)

3. Rolling production line of automobile door and window frame and center pillar plate

4. Automobile water cutting, decorative strip rolling, metal plastic composite production line

5. Production lines for sliding rails and various rails in automobile doors

6. Linear (arc-shaped) three-dimensional servo tracking cutting machine

7. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional bending (stretch bending) machine and bending die

8. Development and manufacturing of special equipment, tooling, molds, and inspection tools for the automotive industry

9. High-grade metal ceiling production line

10. Wide board automation (online punching) production line

11. High precision slide rail production line

12. Provide customers with automation solutions for the entire production line (integrated forming, punching, riveting, welding, polishing, forming, cutting, stacking, etc.)

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