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  • Introduction
    Founded in 2007, Shanghai Haoming Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Jiading District, Shanghai Automotive Industry Center, China. It is a research-oriented enterprise dedicated to the development of the cold bending industry. It provides customers with a complete set of metal forming automation solutions. Scientific research institutions have many years of experience in cooperation and are determined to promote the development of the domestic cold forming industry. Equipped with more than ten years of engineering research and development engineers, equipment engineers, and electrical engineers in the cold bending industry to provide enterprises with a complete set of solutions;

  • Excellent technical team
    The company adopts advanced CAD/CAM integrated processing technology and has the entire process of processing equipment to provide enterprises with high-precision, high-quality cold-formed molds and fully-automatic cold-formed equipment. The company has two-dimensional, roller runout detectors, special testing equipment for forming machines, hardness testers, three-coordinates and other testing equipment, and has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. At present, it has provided high-demand services to industries such as automobiles, construction, furniture, storage, and domestic and foreign enterprises.

  • service quality
    The company's quality policy: seek efficiency with professionalism, seek development with high-quality service; customer first, continuous improvement!

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