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Joint restructuring Accelerate the shift to a service economy
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Sinosteel xing machine for the transformation of business model, which represents the future roll a large development direction and trend of purchasing management, is expected to be along with our country and rapidly promote the development of modern manufacturing services, but with the present situation of the rolling industry in our country, and is difficult to replicate. The characteristics of the roll industry at present is more, small, scattered and disorderly: numerous manufacturers, according to incomplete statistics, the roll manufacturer for more than 300 large and small; Small, more than ten thousand tons of production capacity of not more than 10; Stray geographical dispersion, variety, low level repeated construction, homogeneity serious; The market chaotic, vicious competition is serious. Each roll enterprises are faced with great survival crisis, 3/5 of which enterprises suffered losses, although the restructuring of the internal and external impetus to an all-time high, but helpless in the comprehensive strength of the fragile and difficult.
  A modern rolling production line by several, a dozen, dozens of rolling mill, each frame in the GaXian tasks, working conditions, working environment each are not identical, roll performance requirements needed to each are not identical. To do matching supply must complete specifications varieties, and across the total package is not only the whole article GaXian all roll, and roll with the whole process of the technical service and technical guidance, namely in broadly in roll on and off the plane by tracking, monitoring, and put forward scientific grinding, dynamically formulate daily, each class, each time, each pair and all configuration scheme, ensure that don't appear roll in the machine, prolong roll in the machine, intensive production, nissan and the production efficiency, improve the quality of steel. On lease use, don't have to buy all the user needs to roll, roll of lease in the form of zero inventory, only the function of the rolling - depending on the rolling steel, varieties, such as charged according to t, the number of pay roll supplier. Such a kind of brand-new business model, has a strong exclusive: if do not have independent research and development ability and the comprehensive technology and equipment, can produce the roll of a single material or variety, can provide users with from the first to the last frame mill roll all applicable supporting solution; Roll without a certain amount of research using the technical personnel of all-the-way tracking service, in the global hundreds of steel rolling production line roll use advanced technology and scientific management experience, not for the different kinds or types of rolling mill production provide free technical services, won't get the user's recognition and trust. If lack of abundant capital strength, can't advance the time of paying rent roll fees, in function of steel rolling roll sourcing supply mode, there is no condition. At present, the global supplier of roll, only the sinosteel machine xing an incomparable advantage, the successful practice and strategic big customers win-win cooperation marketing model transformation.
  The current market environment and competition situation, has made the vast majority of the roll enterprise heavy losses, some of the poor technology and equipment, low management level, product homogeneity, service ability weak small mill roll factory is very difficult to survive long "winter", will exit the market in the "shuffle" again. Roll industry in our country to reverse the market chaos, vicious competition scattered to cluster, and promoted the service ability and level of iron and steel enterprise, can realize the way has three: one is the transformation from industrial economy to a service economy, the service economy play a "first" for the enterprise; 2 it is to adapt to the steel industry to speed up the development requirements of the joint reorganization, improve concentration, promote the roll combination of industry, with complementary advantages to build a large roll enterprise group, to meet the large steel enterprise group of high quality, high technology content, high service level of roll use requirements; Three is to find accurate market positioning practice internal work, makes the specialization and characterization of the market competitive advantage.