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Why is it said that cold-formed steel produced by cold-formed equipment is a green and environmentally friendly product that saves resources?
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Cold-formed steel generally uses hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel as raw material, and is processed by drawing, stamping, bending or roll bending forming units at room temperature to be bent into various cross-sectional shapes. The advantages of cold-formed steel are: it can produce profiles with thin thickness and complex cross-sectional shapes that are difficult to produce by general hot-rolling methods according to user needs, and the structure is reasonable and the section performance per unit weight is superior to hot-rolled steel. It can save 20-50% of steel; because cold and hot steel coils are used as raw materials, the product length can be flexibly adjusted according to user needs. It is bent and formed in multiple pairs of forming rollers, so the product has a smooth surface and high cross-sectional dimension accuracy; used in construction It can reduce the weight of the building, reduce the foundation, and be easy to process. It can obtain greater rigidity and strength with less metal consumption, and can save a lot of traditional building materials such as cement and steel bars.<http://jiancai.gongchang.com />, and greatly shorten the construction period, and the comprehensive infrastructure cost is low; cold-formed steel is used for the manufacture of automobile <http://auto.gongchang.com/>, tractors, trailers, rolling stock, agricultural machinery and lifting and transporting machinery components It can effectively reduce the weight of equipment, reduce production costs, save power consumption, improve transportation and mechanical efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, and improve working conditions. It is a green and environmentally friendly product that saves resources.