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What does a high-quality after-sales service look like?
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  ‘Customer-oriented’→Provide customers with a comprehensive service!

  ‘service as the core’→tailor-made the most valuable products for customers.!

  ‘Quality is the focus’→Full service to customers!

  In the sales of products,the interests of customers are our first consideration.Our service pursues refinement.From pre-sale consultation,enthusiastic service to promotion of products on sale,we require refinement and refinement.

  Service attitude is a crucial part of business operation.We always regard customer requirements as the starting point and end point of our work.We insist on providing customers with a series of meticulous services from equipment selection to installation and commissioning,personnel training,technical support,and equipment maintenance.

  Before signing the contract,confirm the customer's requirements,recommend the most suitable equipment for the customer,and try to save the cost for the customer.

  Design and manufacture products according to the specific requirements of customers,and organize the strength to carry out technological transformation of products according to customer requirements.

  After signing the contract,the company will send rigorously trained technicians to inspect the customer's production site,assist the customer in the planning and design of the site,and the technical department will produce the installation foundation drawings,and then the technician will assist the customer in the construction.After the equipment is transported,our company staff will assist the customer to install and debug until the customer is satisfied.

  Customer satisfaction is our goal;Shanghai Haoming does everything possible to meet customer needs!

  Thank you for being there!